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All-Ages Foot Care in Ottawa and the Surrounding Area

Ottawa Foot Health Centre offers services in foot care to Ottawa and the surrounding area. We provide foot specialist and chiropodic services to children, adults, and seniors. We are equipped to work with you no matter what your concern about your feet. Whether you need an in-grown toenail removed or need guidance in caring for your arthritic feet, Ottawa Foot Health Centre is here to help. Our experienced team considers each issue individually, making sure we keep your specific needs in mind.



Heel pain

Heel spurs

Plantar fasciitis 

Pain in the ball of the foot (metatarsalgia)

Arch pain

Pain in the great toe

Achilles tendonitis

Morton’s neuroma

Our comprehensive foot treatment service covers everything you need to stay on top of your foot health. From treatment of corns and calluses to shockwave therapy, we can work with you to keep you walking, exercising, and doing everything you love. Our treatments include:

Custom foot orthotics
Treatment of corns and calluses
Treatment of nails
Treatment of warts

Contact us today to book your appointment with the Ottawa Foot Health Centre. Healthy feet are just a few steps away!

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