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Wart Removal and Ingrown Toenail Surgery in Ottawa

At Ottawa Foot Health Centre, we are equipped to help with many foot-related ailments and treatments, including removal of corns, warts, and ingrown toenail surgery in Ottawa and the surrounding area. Corns and calluses are a thickening of the skin due to pressure and/or friction. These painful yet common problems can occur on any part of the foot. Symptoms vary from a mild callus under the foot, to an infected ulcer that can develop under a corn on a toe. We will quickly and painlessly remove the corn or callus and advise you on managing them for the long term. We can manage nail conditions such as ingrown or thick toenails either conservatively or surgically. We work with you to decide on the correct treatment that fits your situation. If you have a wart, please contact us as soon as possible. Warts are lumps on the skin caused by a virus. They are contagious and should be treated immediately. We are ready to discuss our many treatment options and help you deal with warts.

Contact us today to book your treatment for all your foot concerns.

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